As the leader in end-to-end virtual care solutions, AMC Health continues to push the boundaries of technology, security, and experience. To continually offer the highest quality solutions and service, we are proud to announce our achievement of HITRUST CSF v9.3 Certification.

What is HITRUST CSF Certification?

HITRUST marks the culmination of care and security. In particular, this certification incorporates new requirements and updates from various authoritative sources, such as NIST SP 800-171 R2, NIST Cybersecurity Framework v1.1, AICPA 2017, CIS CSC v7.1, ISO 27799:2016, CMS/ARS v3.1, IRS Publication 1075 2016, GDPR, CCPA 1798, SCIDA 4655, and others.

 "We are proud to have achieved HITRUST certification which is a continued testament to the highest level of security of our platform," said AMC Health's CEO, Nesim Bildirici. “This is also another recognition for CareConsole, the leading virtual care platform, which now adds to its FDA Class II clearance with this HITRUST certification in the USA.”

How Did AMC Earn HITRUST CSF Certification?

HITRUST CSF v9.3 Certification is based on a thorough analysis, self-assesment, and external audit conducted  of AMC’s in-scope SaaS platform (CareConsole) and supporting infrastructure. The HITRUST Alliance has reported that AMC Health’s Information Protection Program is consistent with the objectives specified in the NIST while also meeting the HITRUST CSF® v9.3 Risk-based, 2-year (r2) certification criteria.

Why is HITRUST Certification Important? 

The telehealth industry is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by the increased need for cloud computing to improve patient outcomes, capture cost efficiencies, and make it easier to coordinate care in every corner of the country. To ensure security across data while providing equitable healthcare options, payers and providers need to offer patients quality options.

“Being HITRUST CSF certified enables us to leverage advanced technologies such as Amazon Web Services security components, scalability, and redundancy to help enhance services and operations with the confidence that AMC Health is providing these services to its customers at the standard of delivery that HITRUST Alliance certifies,” said Hernani Castro, VP of Quality, at AMC Health.

 AMC is proud to have earned this rare distinction. For more information on how HITRUST Certification differentiates AMC’s ability to deliver quality care every step of the way, schedule a discovery call with one of our experts today. 

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