AMC Health, is working closely with their clients (including the Veterans Health Administration ), and development partners to leverage technology to connect and protect families and communities in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).For patients, veterans, and members who are mobile-ready and those who aren’t, AMCHealth has provided new automated interactive survey and education templates – specific to COVID-19 – to their clients and providers, as well as enhanced mobile monitoring solutions and secure video conferencing.These solutions are ready to be deployed quickly and at scale. AMC Health is also providing qualified remote clinicians to help manage capacity challenges for managing inbound patient calls and alert triage.

Nesim Bildirici, CEO of AMC Health, said, “We are in this together and will get through it together.  Our focus is to provide immediate solutions for clinical teams, health organizations, and their patients during this crisis.  As we saw this developing several weeks ago, we deployed newly enhanced IVR (interactive voice response) capabilities, tools and easy question-and-answer assessment templates.  In addition, we provide mobile solutions with video-conferencing capabilities, free education and informative resources, all configured to address COVID-19 challenges.  We are taking a direct hands-on approach to helping all health organizations when and where they need it.”

While the immediate need is heavily focused on those impacted by the Coronavirus with high-risk chronic conditions, AMC Health is acutely aware and responding to hospitals to help manage post-discharge telehealth needs, particularly as hospital systems must now contemplate the possibility of discharging patients quicker to free-up beds. Indeed, AMC Health’s post-hospital discharge solutions have proven successful in reducing the number of re-hospitalizations in excess of 23% compared to controls. Similar solutions can also be deployed just as readily by hospital systems looking to support patients who turn up in the ED that may not qualify for admission in these unprecedented circumstances, by sending them home with a remote monitoring protocol. In all of these scenarios, AMC Health’s flexible solutions can be deployed to patients for as little as 14 days or for months depending on the need.

“We are concerned for and helping clients and all health organizations with the assistance they need.  All our solutions leverage technology to provide real-time, turnkey and easy access, enabling providers and clinicians with the right tools at the right time.  AMC Health has provided virtual care, telehealth help for over 17-years, combining the right capabilities at the right time to proactively assess, manage, and monitor everyone living with chronic health conditions and effects of Coronavirus, from the comfort of their own home”, said Bildirici.

About AMC Health

AMC’s passion drives their purpose to give everyone the power to live healthier, more independent, lives in their comfort of their own home. For over 17 years, AMC Health has led healthcare transformation through the use of virtual technologies. The company is the leading provider of real-time virtual care solutions. Its FDA Class II cleared platform, end-to-end services, and clinically proven solutions enable healthcare organizations to securely extend their services beyond the four walls of the hospital and ambulatory clinic settings. Providing cost-effective population health management, the company’s ever-expanding ecosystem delivers scalable virtual care programs for health systems and payers, connecting to more than 150 devices, apps, and integrations via a single connection. AMC Health’s peer-reviewed published studies highlight clinical improvements for conditions like heart failure, diabetes, COPD and hypertension, resulting in reductions in hospital admissions, and solid financial return on investment. For more information, visit

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