Modern healthcare has moved well beyond educated guessing to an ecosystem where outcomes are delivered based on accurate data and real experiences. At the forefront of this cutting-edge technology, AMC Health provides insights that change lives with intelligent tele-care management (TCM) options.

A Sizeable Impact on Michigan Members

Recently, AMC’s TCM services brought significant results to several key populations. How big of an impact is AMC having for individuals? When compared to a control group of ~6,000 members, the 1,580 high-risk members enrolled with a health plan in Michigan during the calendar year of 2022 showed massive reductions and improvements. Specifically:

  • Average PMPM savings were $507 in total costs. This can be attributed to avoided hospitalizations (both the inpatient costs that never took place and any associated post-acute spending).
  • For those with baseline hypertension, the average improvement in systolic blood pressure was 14 mmHg, equating to a 30% reduced risk of cardiac events and a 44% reduced risk of stroke.
  • If data trends for the last quarter of 2023 mimic the pattern from the previous 21 months, that $507 figure should only increase, achieving a 3 to 1 ROI.

Rhode Island Results to the Rescue

At the same time, for the 209 members enrolled in 2022 (a blend of high- and moderate-risk) at a health plan in Rhode Island, results included:

  • Average PMPM savings of $365, for an ROI of 2.8 to 1. 
  • Average improvement in systolic blood pressure of those with baseline hypertension of 13 mmHg, equating in a 28% reduced risk of cardiac events and a 42% reduced risk of stroke.

In this real-life scenario, it’s significant to note that even with lower acuity settings, AMC delivers substantive savings.

Tele-care Management Makes a Difference

Both Michigan and Rhode Island represent the latest installments of what has been a consistent pattern of clinical successes achieved with AMC’s TCM teams. When these results are examined, along with those of other prominent health plans, it becomes evident that AMC excels across the board. In particular, AMC:

  • Strives to keep folks with heart failure out of the hospital while saving our clients substantial sums of money as a result.
  • Helps heart failure cohorts live longer than those with similar morbidity profiles and levels of acuity.
  • Improves hypertension across the board, not just for those with comorbid heart failure.

AMC will continue to push the boundaries of how healthcare can help and where it can reach.

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