Properly engaging individuals with chronic conditions, such as hypertension, is critical for developing an efficient care plan to reduce ongoing complications. To accomplish this, many payers and providers are integrating emerging technologies, such as remote patient monitoring (RPM), to deliver on-demand services that can improve the well-being of members.

Specifically for these capabilities, timely member engagement is a difference maker. Having more touchpoints available for patients to be involved with monitoring and management greatly improves well-being while reducing risk.

But not every platform is created the same. Here are the top ways that AMC Health’s offerings help members with hypertension to best engage with their care.

Tips to Engage Members with Hypertension

1. Personalized Care and Goal Setting

A remote patient platform can engage members by offering personalized care plans that set achievable goals. By tracking daily blood pressure readings, AMC Health’s programs can provide real-time feedback and adjustments to the member’s care plan, keeping individuals motivated and on track for a healthier tomorrow.

2. Ease of Monitoring

AMC Health’s platform simplifies the monitoring process. Members can easily measure their blood pressure at home with provided devices that automatically send the data to their care team. This hassle-free approach removes barriers to regular monitoring, encouraging consistent engagement with their individual health metrics.

3. Alerts and Interventions

Through intelligent alert systems, AMC Health notifies care teams if a member’s readings indicate a potential issue, allowing for quick intervention. Members feel safer knowing that their health is being monitored closely, fostering trust in and reliance on the program.

4. Connectivity to Care Team

A thoughtful, virtual platform should include streamlined messaging or videoconferencing features, making it easier for members to connect with their healthcare providers for consultations or to address concerns. AMC Health integrates these features into easy-to-use technology and devices that can help care teams hone in on improving the member’s wellness.

5. Data-Driven Decisions

With vast amounts of data available to be collected and leveraged, AMC Health transforms valuable insights into informed decisions for a member’s health plan. This data-driven approach can personalize interventions, making members feel like their unique health needs are being addressed.

This is just a sampling of the many ways AMC Health can help you engage with and elevate the health of members with hypertension. Virtual care and RPM provide an engaging, supportive, and empowering environment for those dealing with chronic conditions. This not only helps members better manage their blood pressure but also fosters a sense of partnership in their healthcare journey.

We are here to help you make the most out of new and existing touchpoints with your members. AMC Health’s programs are customizable and unique, ensuring that each member receives the quality care they deserve. For more information about how AMC Health can assist in the development and deployment of a virtual care program for your members, schedule a discovery call today.

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