CEO Message

Make Time for Health and Wellness this Month

It's been said that time is the wisest counselor of all. While those words ring true for many, they have a profound meaning in health and wellness, and especially for payers and providers who are working hard to maximize their time in the name of patients. As a result, proper patient care will always be in the spotlight for you.

Time Always Marches Forward

After putting 2023 behind us, we have been looking forward to 2024 and beyond. What changes can we make today and tomorrow that will impact the lives of patients, their care coordination teams, and caregivers? How can we provide opportunities for them to make the most of every moment? Understanding your role in the wellness ecosystem will bring healing through knowledge.

Learning from the Past to Influence the Future

First, I am excited about how 2024 has begun. I always encourage people to hit the ground running, and that is what AMC Health has done since January by building momentum with our leadership and the entire organization. From scaling operations with the addition of new team members to bolstering our advisory board with the appointments of Ken Provencher and Mitchell Fong, we are maximizing our time to amplify your ability to provide for you and your members.

Next, we launched our Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Playbook to deliver continued insights. This valuable effort illustrates how social determinants, from economic to education, need to be discussed in a public forum and integrated into member programs. We are excited to share this interactive information with the market and encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have.

Certification Makes a Difference

Being the best for you is important to us. One way we push the boundaries between innovation and patient care is by earning industry certifications that represent the highest healthcare standards. With that said, AMC Health is proud to announce that we have received the highly sought-after HITRUST Certification. This, along with FDA (Food & Drug Administration) certification, makes CareConsole a leading telehealth solution that continues to deliver.

The HITRUST certification represents our dedication of time, resources, investment, and effort to ensure our operations meet your standards. Our staff has worked diligently to earn this distinction. I applaud our team for their patience and commitment to building products and offerings of the highest caliber.

Receiving HITRUST Certification represents AMC Health’s commitment to mitigating risk and improving healthcare. Every detail is critical here. And we take care of our data and work hard to turn them into safe, actionable insights.

Finally, as we close out February, a month associated with the heart, I want to set a reminder of the importance and impact technology has on heart health. Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the United States. But you can make a difference for your members by promoting minor changes that have massive impacts on heart health.

Technology will bridge the gap in longevity, and AMC Health is here to help every step!

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