With the immediate focus on reducing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), also comes the need for contingency planning to manage capacity issues and premature discharges required to free up beds in hospitals. To further this aim, AMC Health is working with hospitals to establish new protocols to provide virtual at-home monitoring and care management for both patients turned away at the ED as well as those discharged home who are at risk for readmission.

In addition to providing an inexpensive multi-lingual, telephonic interactive voice response (IVR) solution to screen and educate broad populations on COVID-19 prevention and management (with an ability to generate real-time alerts to care teams), AMC Health also arms health systems with prepared home monitoring kits. These kits come with everything the patient needs to take their vital readings and answer interactive surveys about symptoms, behavior, environment and access to care. The surveys – delivered automatically for 30 days or longer – also provide focused patient education on symptom awareness and management and general self-care.

These devices (including Bluetooth thermometers and pulse oximeters) are ready-to-use by patients and caregivers out of the box, with no Bluetooth pairing required. AMC Health kits can either be deployed at the hospitals as localized consignment inventory or be shipped directly to patients via UPS. Patient biometric and self-reported symptom alerts are accessible to remote care managers via the cloud in near real-time. AMC Health can also provide full or supplemental care management triage services through its national nurse call center.

AMC Health’s virtual care – telehealth – solutions are proven and customized to meet the needs of managing and monitoring patient’s in their own home, while enabling clinical teams to weather the unexpected surge of emergency department overflow and required premature patient discharges.

Nesim Bildirici, CEO of AMC Health, said, “We are working with and partnering with hospitals to understand their immediate and near-term needs.  This includes ensuring they have fully scalable solutions to help manage ill patients, those living with chronic conditions and/or elderly, who need their health monitored proactively with or without their homecare vendors.  AMC’s virtual care RPM (remote patient monitoring) was designed to be agile and flexible to help mitigate overtaxed resources and help fill the gap in care.  Whether patients are discharged prematurely or being left alone to care for themselves, our remote patient monitoring solutions enable us to step up and care for those who desperately need it – at home.”

AMC’s virtual care platform delivers care where it’s needed most – everywhere.  They are providing COVID-19 triage capacity support & response that makes it easy for hospitals and providers to deploy and ensuring it is fully scalable across entire population health needs.

“From hospitals, health organizations and ACOs to their patients, AMC is providing immediate solutions to help during this crisis in every way.  We are working around the clock to ensure our IVR (interactive voice response) and seamless RPM tools, video-conferencing, easy assessment templates, and mobile solutions are ready to deploy and scale to help fight the best fight against Coronavirus and serving all our clients and their patients,” said Bildirici.

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AMC’s passion drives their purpose to give everyone the power to live healthier, more independent, lives in their comfort of their own home. For over 17 years, AMC Health has led healthcare transformation through the use of virtual technologies. The company is the leading provider of real-time virtual care solutions. Its FDA Class II cleared platform, end-to-end services, and clinically proven solutions enable healthcare organizations to securely extend their services beyond the four walls of the hospital and ambulatory clinic settings. Providing cost-effective population health management, the company’s ever-expanding ecosystem delivers scalable virtual care programs for health systems and payers, connecting to more than 150 devices, apps, and integrations via a single connection. AMC Health’s peer-reviewed published studies highlight clinical improvements for conditions like heart failure, diabetes, COPD and hypertension, resulting in reductions in hospital admissions, and solid financial return on investment. For more information, visit amchealth.com.

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