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SMART on FHIR App: Connecting Virtual Care to EHRs and Patients to Better Care

AMC Health's new SMART on FHIR app allows care teams to embed CareConsole® into an EHR platform, enhancing clinical efficiency and maximizing real-time data. Learn about the benefits and how it improves patient care.

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Proprietary Application Enables Customers to Embed AMC Health’s Virtual Care Platform in an EHR Platform 

AMC Health recently developed a software application that enables its customers to embed CareConsole®, AMC Health’s virtual care platform, into an EHR platform. This development is a boon for clinical efficiency and maximizing the value of real-time data. 

The AMC Health software development team leveraged SMART on FHIR, an application programming interface (API), to develop this new app. (SMART on FHIR stands for “Substitutable Medical Applications, Reusable Technologies on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.”)  

An API is a set of protocols that a software developer uses to create an application that will be able to communicate with another application. SMART on FHIR is a healthcare-specific API that enables an electronic health record (EHR) platform to securely and seamlessly communicate with another application — a key driver of enhancing healthcare interoperability. SMART on FHIR is the healthcare industry standard for providing universal access to EHRs. 

So, why is AMC Health’s new SMART on FHIR app so important for customers? 

What are the benefits? 

The new app provides timely access to critical, real-time information from the home and increases care manager efficiency, enabling clinicians to focus more time on what they have been trained to do — care for patients. 

  • Getting the best of both worlds > With AMC Health’s SMART on FHIR app, clinical users can have the best of both worlds at the same time — the EHR’s rich medical and encounter history and the specialized reporting that virtual care provides to make sense of diverse real-time data collected from the home.    
  • One patient, one window, one workflow – maximizing efficiency > Without the app, a clinician would need to open separate windows, enter two sets of credentials, and toggle between the EHR window and the CareConsole window to manage a patient’s virtual care and review information within the EHR. With the SMART on FHIR app, the user can stay within the same EHR application to manage all aspects of a patient’s care, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing stress. 
  • Industry-accepted standard > The app will work with any EHR or care management application that accommodates the latest SMART on FHIR standard (which accounts for most EHR platforms today).  

How does it work? 

Through single sign-on, a clinician clicks on the “AMC Health” button on their EHR dashboard’s app pulldown list to open an RPM-specific window — within the EHR framework — that corresponds to the patient record they are currently reviewing. 

The following CareConsole functions will be available. 

  • Referral and registrations 
  • Kit and survey assignments 
  • Retrieve medication, allergies, and other pertinent information  
  • Viewing of vitals and alerts 
  • Disenrollments 
  • Update notes 
  • Reports 

While these tasks account for most of the time that a typical user spends on CareConsole, there is no limit to which, or how many, CareConsole elements can be recreated to be used in the EHR window. 

Get it now.  

We recommend that our customers get this free upgrade as soon as possible. Please contact your Customer Success representative for more information. 

If you’re a prospective customer and would like to learn more about the SMART on FHIR app or other benefits of our virtual care solutions, please contact a member of our Sales team. They will tell you more about how AMC Health is with our customers at every step.  

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