Virtual care and Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) have helped to transform healthcare delivery, as well as to maximize patient care treatment and provide greater access to care. This shift continues to expand across populations as healthcare organizations work to improve patient care, manage the cost of these chronic illnesses, account for social determinants of health and advance health equity through access to care. RPM and virtual care help healthcare organizations detect disease decompensation sooner and deliver ongoing chronic condition management. The end result allows for timelier intervention, increased patient education and empowerment, and improved overall patient-physician relationships.

Meanwhile RPM and virtual care facilitate early detection to mitigate costly trajectories by introducing timelier interventions at the earliest opportunity, long before a costly acute exacerbation becomes inevitable. These signs can be manifest both in terms of physiometric data from monitoring devices as well as from patient (or caregiver) self-reported, symptom information. The ultimate goals of these programs are to support reduction of avoidable admissions and ER visits, while improving the overall quality of care and patient experience while maintaining good cost and quality outcomes. At this juncture is where AMC Health, a cloud-based telemedicine solution, is creating a difference. AMC Health’s suite of solutions leverages a superior analytics platform and a simple user interface which integrates easily into clinical workflows.