Care availability, equity, and quality are critical to the health and well-being of individuals across the country. To ensure members have access to these life-saving means, AMC Health has devoted time and effort to build sophisticated, yet practical solutions that empower care teams while transforming outcomes. 

The benefits of alert validation, remote patient monitoring, and telecare continue to grab headlines. But behind every one of those stories is a real person who relied on the data and technology to deliver quality healthcare across a myriad of friction points. 

One recent example is of a 73-year-old female in the COPD program. This patient was alerted by her pulse oximeter of a low oxygen level of 89%. The Health Service Coordinator (HSC) reached out and surveyed the patient for any signs or symptoms of low O2. 

Together, the HSC and member discussed best practices for taking oxygen readings. This included the HSC educating her on tips and tricks like using warm hands and fingers. With this piece of knowledge, the member retook her reading with direction from the HSC.

While still on the phone, the member’s recheck gave a reading of 94%, which was within normal range for the patient.  The alert was closed because of the education provided in 1:1 conversation to establish that the subsequent reading was, in fact, within range.    

Breaking down the barriers that separate quality and equitable care is important for all people. Specifically, this member gained the knowledge necessary to improve outcomes in the future.

By integrating alert validation, the patient was given the opportunity to learn more about her condition, testing, and how to capture the most accurate result. The HCS was established as an educational and lifesaving resource. And finally, the company was able to reduce burden, duplicate costs, and readmission.

Solutions like alert validation and more are always on and at your fingertips. Discover new ways that AMC Health’s groundbreaking technology can help elevate your members and alleviate your care team today.

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