AMC Health announced today that it was recognized as a Top Company in Remote Patient Monitoring upon conclusion of extensive research and company outreach by AVIA Marketplace, the leading digital health marketplace. 

AMC Health’s comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution delivers a seamless experience that empowers members and has consistently helped healthcare organizations across the country to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase access to care. Its innovative, enterprise-wide RPM system combines remote monitoring technology, health education to improve health literacy and promote self-management, and evidence-based management protocols.  

CareConsole® is the solution’s virtual care platform, which integrates easily with any electronic health record system. This centerpiece technology turns real-time data from devices and members’ self-reported data into actionable insights that allow the care team to proactively intervene and prevent adverse events before they occur. 

The Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies Report represents the aggregation and analysis of client ratings and reviews as well as health system implementation data across the country and highlights broader industry trends to contextualize the impact the companies and products are currently having in the space. Given the complexity and evolving nature of remote patient monitoring, the 2023 refresh of this report helps define the remote patient monitoring landscape and how these solutions best support patient care.   

"With the rise of Remote Patient Monitoring solutions, a transformative shift in patient care is imminent. Our report illuminates the trailblazers making significant strides in this field," said Dhiraj Patkar, SVP of Digital Health Solutions at AVIA. "Our objective with the Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies Report is to arm healthcare organizations with comprehensive insights and tools crucial for the successful deployment and expansion of these advanced digital solutions. Leveraging digital technologies, we can extend care access, optimize patient experiences and outcomes, and tackle the escalating challenges that healthcare providers encounter in today's multifaceted landscape." 

AVIA Marketplace is where innovative health systems and hospitals go to find the right digital health solutions. It’s built to efficiently search vendors and guide informed decisions, with tools like product comparisons, match scores, report generators, peer reviews, and market insights. 

Access the full report findings from AVIA Marketplace’s Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies list here.